Sheffield United vs Burnley highlights (3-0)

Sheffield United 3 vs 0 Burnley highlights 2.11

Burnley manager Sean Dyche: "The first half was unacceptable, it's as simple as that. Too many players were way off the mark.

"There were a couple of decisions that I felt went against that might have got us out of jail. J-Rod got clipped. We've seen those given, although we don't get many of them. We've been hearing a lot about 'soft contacts' lately and he gets one today from behind and nothing is given. He doesn't dive, he falls naturally but doesn't get it.

"Then there was the handball, which I think everyone would expect to get a penalty for. But I need to be clear, they would have got us out of jail because they were miles better than us in the first half."

Sheffield United vs Burnley . Score: 3-0.

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