Sheffield United vs Chelsea highlights (2-0)

Sheffield United 2 vs 0 Chelsea highlights 7.2

Sheffield United Chris Wilder speaking to BBC Sport: "Chelsea are flying it was a huge challenge in front of us as it has been all season and more recently playing Man City Man United and Chelsea - there's no time to get your head up we knew they'd have over 75%-80% possession thought shape was good. We can look at the goal and think there are certain things we could've done but from their point of view, it's a great goal. We get into that kind of positions but unfortunately, we can't find that quality to put us in front. We get ourselves back in the game and incredibly disappointing because we have to work so hard in this division so to self inflict that and give them the goal is really disappointing.

"I think we did pick ourselves up - it's an attribute the team have. It's a tough division and these are cup finals - we had 38 cup finals last year and we have to get up for the challenge every time when things aren't going our way because of form and disruption we have to keep going. I thought we did that, we changed it, it opened up for them late on but I don't think we went out the back door. We just are a little bit naive and had a lack of quality late on in the game.

On the penalty decision: "I haven't looked at it again but I thought it was a penalty. If it's given and the decision's made then fair enough but we shouldn't have got in that situation. We got ourselves back in the game and we used our confidence to get in the game against a very talented side and the ridiculous quality they have. Reece James and Mason Mount are brilliant - the players coming through the academy are top class. When you make elementary mistakes then it's going to be a difficult night for you."

On Aaron Ramsdale head injury: "It's the first game into concussion substitutions so the doctor has a decision to make and we rely on him to make the right decision - there are no cutting corners on that stuff so if he had to come off he would've come off because the health and safety is more important than anything else."

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder tells Sky Sports: "About £500m-£1bn (difference) of quality to call on. We can analyse the first goal, should John Egan get over, should someone get done but quite decent them players aren't they? They punish when you open the door for them. The second goal was very disappointing from our point of view, getting punished by a loose backpass and then tired to force the issue. We went long and direct but it just would not fall for us, I have been critical of my team to show composure when the bullets are flying towards you. Loose touch, when to go round or play direct and we got that wrong a couple of times. We won't play Chelsea again and that one is out of the way.

"They were huge opportunities we had and we have to take them at this level. I don't want a pat on the back for having a go, my team is always up against it in an incredibly tough division we are playing in. You are up against Chelsea with the quality they have got and can all upon form their bench. We are fighting and punching and we will keep that belief from now until the end of the season. Both boxes have hurt us, they have found that quality and we have not found that end bit to get something from the game.

"Everybody around us felt it was a penalty and the decision was made so no real complaints about that one. Aaron Ramsdale made a commitment and these players are cute and smart and showed the qualities in that moment.

"I don't see how anyone can have another opinion, we are massive underdogs and were fighting with one arm behind our back last season and maybe two now with a blindfold on. We has 38 cup finals last year, for the players to keep going with a quick turnaround into this year, it makes it even tougher, I don't see a team that had just accepted what people are talked about them, there are still 15 games to go but i do believe. We have played Man City, Chelsea, Man United in three of the last four games, thankfully they are gone. No disrespect to the other teams we are going to play and I hope they will be closer to get some results on the board. Whether it will be enough I don't know."

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel, speaking to BBC Sport: "It was a tough game to watch. Many situations where it was difficult and many things can happen. Lots of long balls and crosses. We could control the game in the opponent half for many minutes, but then you get the deep ball in your half. They had some self-confidence because if their recent wins. I am happy with the responses to the questions we were asked.

"We were lucky in the beginning not to concede first. We were not aggressive enough. But then you want to play with a clean sheet. Normally it should not happen between goalkeeper and defender but mistakes happen. The response was good though."

On Timo Werner: "Today he was very strong. He is getting stronger and stronger every game. It was an important moment for the penalty against Tottenham. He was unlucky with some shots there. Today he has a boost of self-confidence and gives a good assist for the first goal. He was brave enough to go around the keeper for the second. I am happy for him. We hope to get everybody in good shape. For the strikers, it is important that they are involved in goals. You can feel this in the last few games.

"We go step by step and will always prepare every match to win. We have a team that is ready and wants to win. It creates a winning mentality. You can feel this when you step through the door at the training ground."

Sheffield United vs Chelsea . Score: 2-0.

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