Sheffield United vs West Ham United highlights (1-0)

Sheffield United 1 vs 0 West Ham United highlights 10.1

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder speaking to BBC Sport: "I feel for David [Moyes] and the players. The same thing has happened to us a few times. But we would've been devastated if we'd have drawn that game.

"Soon as they scored, no one was looking at it but I felt for the opposition - it's the same moans and groans as we've had in the past.

"We had to improve the performance because tonight wasn't at our best. We've had to grind one out. We gave the ball away cheaply. We had two or three really good chances but didn't take them.

"We made a poor decision late in the game but that's what happens when you go backwards and they came on to us."

West Ham boss David Moyes speaking to BBC Sport: "First of all I thought my players were terrific. We didn't deserve to lose.

"It was a good goal. Anybody who has played football or been around the game knows it was a good goal. Declan Rice did really good to break through the middle.

"I'm just telling you it's a really good goal. From my point of view and the people who watch football, the decision is not right.

"I wouldn't say I'm a great fan [of VAR] but we have to come to terms with it. People who have played football know when it's not right and tonight is one of those situations."

Sheffield United vs West Ham United . Score: 1-0.

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