Sheffield United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers highlights (0-2)

Sheffield United 0 vs 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers highlights 14.9

Nuno signed a new three-year on Sunday, keeping him at the club until 2023.

"It has been an amazing three seasons," he said.
"I think we create something really special - the identity, the core of the squad, the bonds between us, this is how we operate but we have to stay humble.

"Now I have to prepare the next training session because we play Stoke in the League Cup. We go day by day."

"We move quickly on - that's a lesson we learned last year," Wilder said.

"It does hurt but you can't dwell on it. All those teams that lost on the opening day, they're going to have an unbelievable struggle and those who won games are going to get in the Champions League and push Liverpool and Manchester City. That's just how the Premier League is and we've accepted it.

"Our focus is our belief. We need to tighten up on certain things and we go into the next game quickly looking to get a result to get us up and running."

Sheffield United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers . Score: 0-2.

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