Sheffield United vs Everton highlights (0-1)

Sheffield United 0 vs 1 Everton highlights 26.12

Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder, speaking to BBC Sport: "It was the same as possibly a good dozen of the games we have played this season. It was a game of not many chances, we were playing a side bang in form but our lack of quality shone through.

"The same players that played with that momentum and belief from last year are not doing it this year. Nothing has really changed, the league hasn't changed, Everton haven't really changed but our team has in terms of the lack of quality we are showing this year.

"I can't go and play the game for them. One system against the other, we changed it a little bit but for me it is the same again, it is our lack of quality that let us down.

"There will not be the possibility of bringing many players in. We are looking to add one or two bits of quality. The players who are here are good enough to step up because they did it last year but they have to find that in themselves.

"Good, experienced players who have played at this level for a season are not sticking their hand up and making my job easier.

"I'll pack it in if I ever feel I have to motivate a side in the Premier League. That shouldn't be my job but the players need to go and express themselves and play with a bit of belief."

Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti, speaking to BBC Sport: "We defended well but also we didn't play so well with the ball but defensively we were strong and concentrated.

"We were patient. We were in the game and stayed in the game most times, we defended pretty well and we found the right opportunity to score a goal.

"Every game is really difficult, complicated. Sheffield United are a good team, we are really pleased to be second. We didn't expect that at the start of the season but we are there and we want to stay there.

Sheffield United vs Everton . Score: 0-1.

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