Seattle Sounders FC vs Los Angeles Galaxy highlights (3-2)

Seattle Sounders FC 3 vs 2 Los Angeles Galaxy highlights 29.10

Seattle Sounders made their way into the semifinals stage of MLS Cup after grabbing a thrilling win over Los Angeles Galaxy.

Always struggle to go pas LA Galaxy in previous season gave a sense of curiosity for the home side as they are targeting maximum result.

It took only five minutes for Seattle to get things going as they went one goal up through Clint Dempsey.

That early lead only lasted for a minute the as LA Galaxy picked up an equalizing goal, making it 1-1 already in the space of six minutes.

The home team immediately regained their lead when Nelson Valdez scored his team's second.

Unfortunately, Galaxy remain a strong side as they eventually managed to snatch another equalizing goal, this time through Gyasi Zardes' effort.

Things got slightly quite after the break as they eventually snatched the victory through Erik Friberg.

Seattle Sounders FC vs Los Angeles Galaxy . Score: 3-2.

Seattle Sounders FC v Los Angeles Galaxy goals:

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