Schalke 04 vs FC Ingolstadt 04 highlights (1-1)

Schalke 04 1 vs 1 FC Ingolstadt 04 highlights 1.11

Schalke failed to pick up all three points from their latest home game in German Bundesliga weekend fixture as they were held by Ingolstadt.

The home side didn't start their match brightly as they found themselves trailing 1-0 just before half time break through Tobias Levels' effort.

Schalke were not keen on losing in front of their loyal crowd though as they put on an aggressive display before eventually snatching an equalizer from Leroy Sane on 77 minutes.

Schalke 04 vs FC Ingolstadt 04 . Score: 1-1.

Schalke 04 v FC Ingolstadt 04 goals:

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