Saudi Arabia vs Argentina highlights (0-0)

Saudi Arabia 0 vs 0 Argentina highlights 14.11

Saudi Arabia Vs Argentina Highlights:King Fahd Stadium was the place that Argentina travelled in order to play their next friendly international match this time against Saudi Arabia in a match that saw neither side being able to score a single goal.

Mohammad Al Sahlawi shocked fans in the stadium when he believed to have scored with a free-kick that he managed to head into the net but only later was called offside. The player so many people consider to be the best in history Lionel Messi was testing his luck with some shots and dribbles but not actually concerning very much the opposition at any given time.

Sergio Aguero of Manchester City also struggled on creating any real goal-scoring chances for his side. With the minutes being ticked down it was all coming to an end with this friendly game terminating goalless in a match that many expected Argentina to triumph but could only instead square off in a disappointing draw.

Saudi Arabia vs Argentina . Score: 0-0.

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