Sampdoria vs Napoli highlights (0-1)

Sampdoria 0 vs 1 Napoli highlights 30.9

Napoli share the 1rst place of the Serie A standings with the current champions Juventus as they both have 16 points so far. They had to fight off Sampdoria in their latest fixture in which they could only score 1 goal but it was enough for them to get all 3 points.

The 1rst half saw both clubs having their efforts either denied by the opposing goalkeeper or just not on target at all. Sampdoria with their lonely striker Eder not getting that last touch on the ball needed in order to score while Napoli also struggled on making their mark on the score-board.

2nd half arrived and the only goal of the entire match would arrive when Hamsik was tackled down inside the box of Sampdoria. The defender Gastaldello was sent off the pitch as he received a red card after making the tackle and not only that but also awarding Napoli to take a penalty which was scored home by Cavani.

Sampdoria vs Napoli . Score: 0-1.

Sampdoria v Napoli goals:

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