Rochdale vs Leeds United highlights (2-0)

Rochdale  2 vs 0 Leeds United highlights 5.1

League Two side, Rochdale felt the FA Cup surprise spirit as they successfully picked up a precious home win over Championship team, Leeds United this weekend. The home team looked in such confident mood as they put on an attacking effort straight from kick, trying not to get intimidated with Leeds' big name. That positive attitude was not fruitless as the host finally got themselves in front just before half time whistle was blown with Scott Hogan netting home the opener.

In the second half, both sides continue to prize forward in search for more goals, but it was Rochdale that managed to add their tally and basically sealed that weekend battle when Ian Henderson scored six minutes from time. That victory basically gave the home side a shot at getting as for as possible in that competition and continue to earn important financial aid which could very well help them next season.

Rochdale vs Leeds United . Score: 2-0.

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