Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao highlights (5-1)

Real Madrid 5 vs 1 Athletic Bilbao highlights 17.11

Real Madrid Vs Athletic Bilbao Highlights: Real Madrid played what was probably one of their best matches of so far in this season of La Liga with goals being spread around from the defenders to the forward, it was just an all-around great game for the rivals of Barcelona that triumphed 5-1 over Athletic Bilbao.

12th minute and the goals started arriving, through Benzema as he picked out a pass from Modric and his attempt at goal was deflected off of Jon Aurtnetxe until it went into his own net.

The next goal came happened following a free-kick from Mesut Ozil as the ball reached the box of Bilbao and Ramos stuck out to head it home. 2 minutes later and Real Madrid found their 3rd goal of this match when Benzema shook off his marker before releasing a shot that went into the further corner of the net; it was a superb shot from the French forward.

Gomez scored a consolation goal for Bilbao but it was nothing more than that, a consolation goal as the match was under the complete control of the home team.

Mesut Ozil was next in line to score with a shot that was scored from point blank range and finally Khedira netted the 5th and last from this match that never really troubled Real Madrid.

Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao . Score: 5-1.

Real Madrid v Athletic Bilbao goals:

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