Portugal vs France highlights (2-2)

Portugal 2 vs 2 France highlights 24.6

Portugal boss Fernando Santos: "What I really liked was the team's collective behaviour. When I was asked what we had to do that was different from the game against Germany and I said it was to be like ourselves.

"We were strong, consistent, with a great spirit. We can continue to improve. In the second half we didn't start well but we regrouped.

"Now we have to think about Belgium, who are tough opponents. If we look at the rankings, they are first. But, let's evaluate and realise what we have to do for this match."

"Rest is very important, we have to recover so that they are fresh. We cannot use this as a handicap. Let's see if there have been any changes in Belgium, let's analyse the team and prepare for the game with the usual goal: to move forwards."

Portugal vs France . Score: 2-2.

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