Panathinaikos vs Tottenham highlights (1-1)

Panathinaikos 1 vs 1 Tottenham highlights 4.10

It’s a battle between the bottom of Group J of the Europa League with both sides struggling to find their stride on the European tournament. The Premier League club is currently sitting in 3rd place with only managing to collect 2 points so far while Panathinaikos are scrapping the very bottom with only 1 point secured.

Michael Dawson was the 1rst to find the back of the net as he received a free-kick that was whipped in by Huddlestone and Dawson rushed past his marker just in time for him to flick it inside the net.

Panathinaikos did pull back 1 goal with Caulker running down the right hand wing before passing it to Toche who received the ball before Hugo Lloris and the defenders which allowed him to make the finishing touch needed to tuck the ball past the goalkeeper as he leveled the game 1-1.

Panathinaikos vs Tottenham . Score: 1-1.

Panathinaikos v Tottenham goals:

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