Olympiacos FC vs Arsenal highlights (2-1)

Olympiacos FC 2 vs 1 Arsenal highlights 4.12

Olympiacos Vs Arsenal Highlights:Arsenal finished in 2nd place of Group B after suffering a 2-1 loss against Olympiakos who came from behind and defeated the Premier League club.

Gervinho started the match off strong with continuous bursts upfront that the defenders of the home team were working hard to cope with in numerous occasions. The Ivorian would provide the assist for the opening goal at the 38th minute.

He was rushing down the right flank with 2 defenders on top of him until he cutted it back to Rosicky who had more than enough space to slot it into the net.

The players of Olympiakos had the last laugh as they emerged from their dressing room and entered the pitch once again to play the remaining 45 minutes and make a comeback that secured their victory.

Maniatis initiated things off for his side at the 64th minute by scoring the equalizer when Ramsey failed to clear the ball away from his own box and Maniatis was at the right spot at the right time slamming the ball into the net.

Mitroglou wrapped it up 9 minutes later with a long range effort that found its way into the edge of the net and past Sczcesny, sealing the victory for his match 2-1.

Olympiacos FC vs Arsenal . Score: 2-1.

Olympiacos FC v Arsenal goals:

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