Norwich City vs West Ham United highlights (0-4)

Norwich City 0 vs 4 West Ham United highlights 11.7

Norwich midfielder Alex Tettey speaking to BT Sport: "It’s very hard for me to talk, that was a tough game for us. We came out trying to be positive but when we don’t do what we have to do on the pitch we are punished.

"For all those four goals we can’t defend like that, it’s very very tough. I’ve been saying this the whole season – at the end it doesn’t end up being a positive game and it’s tough to get yourselves going mentally.

"This club has not been a club that buys well established players, if you have a group and a collective that you’re trying to create you need to be consistent.

"We’ve been in games sometimes but we don’t have the mentality or character to get those wins. It’s been a tough journey, it’s a young group but they will now have that experience."

Norwich City vs West Ham United . Score: 0-4.

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