Newcastle United vs Liverpool highlights (1-3)

Newcastle United 1 vs 3 Liverpool highlights 26.7

Newcastle manager Steve Bruce to BBC Sport: "We've dropped like nine pins over the last few weeks. We don't have the ability to rotate like most teams. I was pleased with most aspects. We showed up and had a go.

"I've never known anything like it [their defensive injury crisis]. Thankfully we came back in good condition [after the coronavirus break], won a couple of games early in the restart and that helped enormously."

On what owner Mike Ashley said before the game... "He wanted to say thank you to all my players and staff for the hard work and effort and to enjoy the summer. What he reiterated was it's in the hands of the Premier League and it's been like that for weeks. We need a decision and one quickly. How long do we need to make that decision?

"All I want is what's best for this great club. If new owners come in and take the club forward that's what we all want as Newcastle fans.

"We're disappointed that we faded a bit at the death [in recent weeks]. We're disappointed not to overtake last year's tally. But if someone said at the start of the season would you be happy to finish with seven teams below you, we'd have taken that. But that's not enough. We want to push for the top 10 on a regular basis and not look over our shoulders."

"We played an incredible game, not a perfect game," said Klopp.

"We made so many changes after a long time of playing with similar line-ups. It's not fair to judge (players who came in) because they need to get used to each other's games.

"We really worked in the game and got better and better and better even before the changes. But the changes helped massively.

"I liked the game. It's far away from being perfect but over the season we did not just win games when everything was perfect, we won a lot of difficult games too."

"Two weeks and a couple of days and we start again," said Klopp. "I'm not going to the office for a while."

Newcastle United vs Liverpool . Score: 1-3.

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