Newcastle United vs Everton highlights (1-2)

Newcastle United 1 vs 2 Everton highlights 2.1

Newcastle United Vs Everton Highlights: An early goal from Cisse was not enough for Newcastle to snatch any points in their most recent Premier League fixture against Everton. The visitors responded with Baines and the substitute Anichebe as they both scored a goal each which got the triumph for them.

As soon as the 2nd minute and Newcastle was ahead in the score-board. Tim Krul delivered a long ball which found its way past the midfield and defenders of Everton who just allowed it to get into their own box.
Cisse arrived and clinched to the ball before anyone else as he headed it past Tim Howard.

With the 1rst half about to come to an end, Leighton Baines blasted a free-kick past Krul who was simply hopeless and couldn’t do anything to deny the Everton player from scoring.

The set piece was awarded after Coloccini had tackled Fellaini and from 30 yards away, Baines just slammed it home.

Everton sealed their victory off when Jelavic delivered a cross over to Anichebe and he made no mistake in putting it into his nearest post as he scored the winning goal of the match.

Newcastle United vs Everton . Score: 1-2.

Newcastle United v Everton goals:

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