Newcastle vs Manchester United highlights (1-0)

Newcastle 1 vs 0 Manchester United highlights 6.10

Newcastle boss Bruce told BBC Sport: "I think getting to play with Sean was unbelievable. We used to kick each other in the garden growing up so to be on the same team, for our hometown club, and to win against Manchester United, who are a good side, is a bit surreal."I found out I was in the team after training yesterday. Your belly starts to turn a bit, you get a bit nervous and then you don't sleep much. I dreamed about it last night, this is kind how it of went."

Bruce said: "They [the Longstaffs] are a very proud family. For one of your sons to be playing, let alone the two - and 19 and 21 years old - it's something else.

"When it fell to him [Matty], I thought I've seen him drill them in in training but to do it on the big stage...

"He's been a breath of fresh air. He just wants to play football. I thought who's this ginger kid when we were in China. He's been good in training.

"It didn't faze him. He enjoyed it. He probably didn't sleep well last night. He won't get much sleep again tonight. It's quite a story. I've been going 20 odd years and not been able to beat Manchester United and he's done it straight away."

Newcastle vs Manchester United . Score: 1-0.

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