Napoli vs Udinese highlights (2-1)

Napoli 2 vs 1 Udinese highlights 7.10

The 1rst half of this match saw all the goals being scored at this period. Hamsik netted the first of the evening with a rather fortunate touch on the ball and mistake of Zelijko Brkic as he jumped even before Hamsik had made contact with the ball and this allowed the midfielder to tap into the opposite side of the net.

The goals continued on arriving and all of them right before the 1rst half had concluded, next in line was Giampiero Pinzi who received a chipped pass as he was entering the box and with absolutely no one marking him in any way he was given more than sufficient space to pile drive the ball past Morgan De Sanctis who couldn’t do much about it.

Goran Pandev netted the last of the match in added time of the 1rst half with a simple but efficient strike of the ball that went straight into the net and Napoli held on to their lead as they claimed all 3 points.

Napoli vs Udinese . Score: 2-1.

Napoli v Udinese goals:

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