Millwall vs Blackburn Rovers highlights (0-0)

Millwall 0 vs 0 Blackburn Rovers highlights 11.3

Millwall FC 0-0 Blackburn Rovers highlights: Championship sides battle occurred at the Den when home side Millwall play host to Blackburn Rovers on the Quarter Finals stage of FA Cup on Sunday.

It was a rather scrappy encounter as both teams looked really careful despite their strong intention in grabbing that ticket into the semi finals stage. The host got a god chance in taking the lead when Andy Keogh's header only graze the cross bar, but not many eventful stuffs happening in the first 45 minutes.

After the break, nothing really changed much, although things looked move lively with both teams created more goal scoring opportunities, especially for Millwall's Rob Hulse who blasted his effort from six yards out. Blackburn also got to hit the post as both teams will have to settle things out with another meeting as the game ended in a 0-0 draw.

Millwall vs Blackburn Rovers . Score: 0-0.

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