Middlesbrough FC vs Norwich City highlights (0-2)

Middlesbrough FC 0 vs 2 Norwich City highlights 26.5

Norwich made their way back into English Premier League for next season after they successfully defeating Middlesbrough on English Championship playoff final.

Playing a one off final at neutral ground, both sides were very keen on taking an early lead which could help them settling their nerves.

It was Norwich that managed to take hold of proceedings early on as they found themselves going one goal up through Cameron Jerome's effort.

That goal spurred their confidence as three minutes later Alex Neil's men doubling their lead with an effort from Nathan Redmon's goal.

Middlesbrough tried hard to get themselves back into the tie, but until the final whistle was blown they can't do much about it.

Norwich celebrated a massive result as they earn the right to once again taste strong competition in Premier League.

Middlesbrough FC vs Norwich City . Score: 0-2.

Middlesbrough FC v Norwich City goals:

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