Middlesbrough FC vs Blackburn Rovers highlights (0-0)

Middlesbrough FC 0 vs 0 Blackburn Rovers highlights 10.2

Blackburn Rovers' ambition to snatch that play offs spot in current England Championship standing suffered a slight halt this weekend as they failed to grab all three points from their away fixture against Middlesbrough. Both sides are not sitting too far apart in current standings, so they were that really set them apart in terms of quality in that mid-table clash. This situation was proven in how difficult it is for either sides in taking full control of that tie as both looked equally even.

After a goalless first 45 minutes, those two teams tried to improve their attacking display, but up till the final whistle was blown, there's still no more goals scored as that game ended in a 0-0 result. That outcome putting Blackburn on 9th spot with 43 points, while Middlesbrough are currently on 12th with only 39 points from 30 games.

Middlesbrough FC vs Blackburn Rovers . Score: 0-0.

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