Manchester United vs Leeds United highlights (6-2)

Manchester United 6 vs 2 Leeds United highlights 20.12

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: "What a game of football. Unfortunately, there was no crowd to watch it. This will go down as one of the great Manchester United v Leeds games.

"Leeds play the same way whether they're 4-0 up, 4-0 down or at 0-0. They do that every three days, every game. You have to run until the whistle goes.

"It's one third of the season gone. You can't start talking about league positions. We'll keep carrying on, working hard. Maybe when we get to March or April we can take a look [at the table]."

Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa: "We could have come back throughout the game, there were always opportunities to come back into it.

"We lacked efficiency; they scored their opportunities and we didn't. In the second half, we played on an even keel until the 80th minute. After that, they created chances easier than we could. We fought all game, that's an obligation."

Manchester United vs Leeds United . Score: 6-2.

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