Manchester United vs Leeds United highlights (5-1)

Manchester United 5 vs 1 Leeds United highlights 14.8

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, speaking to BBC Match of the Day: "It creates and sets the mood when you see the fans driving to the stadium. You get the butterflies again. Suddenly it’s a game that matters. We felt extra responsibility because it’s been so long without them. They mean so much to us. To have that love from the fans is so important."

On United's performance: "I couldn’t have asked for more. You’re always a bit worried before the first game - fitness-wise have we done enough? Tactics-wise? The sessions have been geared just to this game. It’s been a fantastic day."

On his squad: "I’m very happy with the status at the moment. We waited for Raphael [Varane] to get everything sorted. That meant a lot to the fans, and Jadon [Sancho] will get better and better. We’ve got a few more coming back, so good times."

On Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba: "Of course when Bruno scores three and Paul gets four assists, the headlines are going to be about them two. But for me it’s about the team. Those two can produce the big moments because of what’s around them. Mason [Greenwood]’s development has been great. He’s become a man compared to two years ago."
Manchester United's hat-trick scorer Bruno Fernandes: "Great performance by the team. Having the fans back gave them this joy and against a big rival like Leeds. Today was almost a perfect day, we conceded one goal but whatever we won and that is the moment important.

"I am really happy for all the fans, all the fans in the entire world of football. They have the chance to see their clubs and enjoy the games. It is important for society, they deserve this. They deserve some freedom because almost two years it has been tough for everyone.

"We have to do better and perform better all the time. Now this game is gone and from now we have to think game by game. The biggest contender for us for the title is [next opponent] Southampton because if we win against then we are one step closer to winning something and if we lose to them we are one step further.

"The joy is really good (for a hat-trick). I will call my wife and hear my kids saying 'the ball is coming home'. It is unbelievable, you cannot describe this feeling. For me the most important thing is to make my family proud of what I am doing."

Manchester United vs Leeds United . Score: 5-1.

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