Manchester United vs Derby County highlights (2-0)

Manchester United got their FA Cup journey this season off to a positive start as they eliminated lower division side, Derby County at Old Trafford.

Keen on doing well in the competition, Jose Mourinho's men put on a strong display as they push forward vigorously straight from kick off.

However, the home team's poor finishing forced them to settle for a goalless first 45 minutes as their opponent also failed to get something during that period.

Nothing changed much early in the second half with Man United still being the more dominant side as they continue to look for that important opening goal.

After several efforts, the host finally got their break through as Jesse Lingard opened things up with his goal on 84 minutes.

That goal certainly brought a sigh of relief for Man United as they eventually secured their victory with another goal just before the final whistle, this time through Romelu Lukaku's effort.

Manchester United vs Derby County . Score: 2-0.

Manchester United v Derby County goals:

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