Manchester United vs West Ham United highlights (1-1)

Manchester United 1 vs 1 West Ham United highlights 22.7

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was pleased with the way his side responded, as Manchester United battled back to secure a valuable point against West Ham at Old Trafford:
“Going into half-time, we knew that’s not the result we wanted. A draw or a 1-0 win or 2-0 were more or less the same outcome for us so then we had to consolidate. You can’t expect to go into games and score three or five to make it a different scenario on Sunday.”
“They reacted well at half-time. We needed to go out in the second half and win it. It's another step forward for them and another time that we've come back. Bournemouth took the lead, Southampton took the lead, and now, so we're learning.”

Manchester United vs West Ham United . Score: 1-1.

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