Manchester United vs Everton highlights (1-1)

Manchester United 1 vs 1 Everton highlights 15.12

Speaking after Greenwood's performance against Everton, the United manager continued in the same vein.

"You wanted the ball to drop to Mason, because he's so calm and composed - when he gets chances, he takes them.

"It is just so natural for him, he knows what to do. If you open or get close, he bends it round you. Too many chances are missed in general, or strikers rush the finish, but the best have that extra half second, and he does."

"It was a fantastic performance," said Ferguson. "We couldn't hang on but I can't complain and I'm delighted with a point.

"The players seem to be motivated. They are in a perilous position and understand that - they have to fight for the shirt and that's what I'm doing. They should have been doing it all season. I've managed to galvanise them and push them on."

Manchester United vs Everton . Score: 1-1.

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