Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers highlights (1-0)

Manchester United 1 vs 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers highlights 29.12

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said he is not willing to consider talk of a title challenge until after 30 games.

"There's no title race after 15 games," he said.

"You can lose the chance of being in the race in the first 10 games of course but play another 15 and get to 30 maybe, then we can start talking about it when we've at least played more than half the season.
"The belief is there - they think 'we can win against anyone, anywhere'. This result is massive for the attitude."

"This is football and a learning process," Nuno said.
"It's cruel in the moment but you can't stay feeling sorry - you have to move forward. We created chances, sometimes we should finish more."

Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers . Score: 1-0.

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