Manchester City vs Leicester City highlights (2-5)

Manchester City 2 vs 5 Leicester City highlights 27.9

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers speaking to Sky Sports: "To beat Man City you have to run like hell. So you have to have that mentality. The tactical discipline was good and because of the counter press you have to get your passes off quick.

"We fell behind to a brilliant finish. We showed good composure and stayed calm and showed enough that we could cause them a problem.

"It was a brilliant performance and result. It has taken me 13 years to play that way. I’m very much about attacking and being aggressive. I always try to be positive but I need to think of other ways to get results in theses games.

"Bringing the game into our half of the field, block off one of their midfielders and you have to be good in the transition to get two or three passes to get out. We took out the press from the goal kicks and went direct but overall the players had to work very hard."
“Tactically the players were very good against my instinct. But I just felt with the level of quality that City have you have to condense the space and try and build from there. They are good at counter pressing but we were able to get out of that well.

"To go behind and show our mentality and calmness was pleasing. You have to run your legs off and we did that, but we still had the energy and quality to open them up when we had the ball.

"What was pleasing was the adaptability. In certain moments against certain opponents you have to deny them more space than we normally would. Pep’s a special manager. A real pioneer in our industry. I love everything he does, I hadn’t managed to win [against him] but today was a special performance."

Leicester forward Jamie Vardy speaking to BBC Sport: "It was a great result. We tweaked it tactically today and knowing when we got the ball and played through their press we would get a few chances and we stuck them all away. We just had to keep believing.

"The main thing was getting the three points and we have done that with a great performance, it’s only the start though we have got to keep going and show that consistently.

On taking more than one penalty: "It’s always cat and mouse. It’s a gamble both ways. I know where I am going to put and he knows where he is diving. Over the moon to get the goals.

"It’s only a start. The way we finished last season was not good enough so we have to keep it going now."

Man City midfielder Rodri talking to Sky Sports: "It is very difficult to explain. When someone knocks you out you are confused and dont know what happens.

"Football has not been fair with us. We deserve many things, we proposed many things in the game, we played we try. We tried many things, they tried two or three things.

"Maybe it is our fault, maybe it is their strength. I am young and try to learn every game but games ike this where opposition do nothing, you are a bit confused. You dont know what to do.

"The learning is do 100 passes at the back and the game is over. But we tried to score a second and third. For me they are lucky, it is not the way I like to play."

Man City boss Pep Guardiola talking to MOTD: "They defend so deep and the lack of creating chances we got nervous. They did not want to play, they just wanted to counter attack.

"We know that Vardy runs from far, far away and Barnes you have to control him. But the moment we started to get nervous, we thought we were not doing well.

"We are not going to create 10 chances. We have to know it is difficult. Even at 5-2 Leicester were in the 18-yard box.
"I am not going to give up, I am going to try to find solutions."

Man City boss Pep Guardiola talking to Sky Sports: "We played a really good first half and scored early on. They defend so deep it is not easy.

"The problem was was we put extra pressure on ourselves to score the second and third. We need to be more calm, we don't have the players to attack the box that we need.

"We got nervous and gave three penalties and when you give three penalties you cannot win. I don't know how many chances they created.

"We needed to be more patient. It is hard, but it is the second game of the season and we have to try to see what we need to do to avoid it again.

"I feel bad for the guys and for the club."

Manchester City vs Leicester City . Score: 2-5.

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