Manchester City vs Wigan highlights (1-0)

Manchester City 1 vs 0 Wigan highlights 17.4

Manchester City Vs Wigan Athletic Highlights: Manchester City keep their positive results rolling on after they scraped past Chelsea in the semifinals of the FA Cup and now defeating Wigan with a scoreboard of 1-0. A lonely goal from Carlos Tevez was enough to see City maintain their 2nd spot in the Premier League.

Wigan entered the pitch trying desperately to find a victory which would help them find a way out of the bottom spots of the standings.

`The squad under the guidance of Roberto Martinez mostly defended in the 1rst half with a defensive line that pressured upfront which crushed a number of instances that the players of Manchester City tried to score but would be later ruled offside due to the defenders being so high upfront placing pressure and killing any space the home team had on playing with the ball under their control.

Edin Dzeko and James Milner later entered the match as Roberto Mancini added another line of attack hoping to find the way to break the stalemate and score in some way.

Although it was be Carlos Tevez the man that fired a shot which edged out the triumph for City at the 83rd minute.

Kolarov almost managed to add 1 more goal in the last few remaining minutes but just not able to find its way past Wigan’s Joel. It was still enough for City to claim another victory and collect all 3 points meanwhile Wigan are fighting for their survival in the Premier League.

Manchester City vs Wigan . Score: 1-0.

Manchester City v Wigan goals:

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