Mallorca vs Barcelona highlights (2-4)

Mallorca 2 vs 4 Barcelona highlights 11.11

Mallorca Vs Barcelona Highlights:Barcelona are still undefeated in their campaign of this season’s La Liga with a very convincing victory over Mallorca and their talismanic figure Lionel Messi not only scoring twice but also breaking Pele’s record of goals scored in a calendar year.

The Brazilian Pele had a record of 75 goals and now Messi has 76 goals so far still with 1 entire month remaining.

4-2 was the final scoreboard in a game that Barcelona controlled fairly well despite taking a scare in the 2nd half after Mallorca scored back to back goals but they maintained their composure and continued having the game under their control.

Xavi Hernandez netted the 1rst with a brilliantly taken free-kick at the 28th minute. Messi and Tello added 2 more goals right before ending the 1rst half which changed the score-board 3-0 in half time.

Mallorca tried to get back in the game through the likes of Pereira and Victor as they both managed to tuck the ball past Valdes but Messi had the last say as he scored his 76th goal of 2012 as Barcelona collected all 3 points.

Mallorca vs Barcelona . Score: 2-4.

Mallorca v Barcelona goals:

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