Mainz vs Freiburg highlights (0-0)

Mainz 0 vs 0 Freiburg highlights 20.1

FSV Mainz 0-0 SC Freiburg highlights: Two Europa League chasers, FSV Mainz and SC Freiburg met at a freezing Coface Arena on Saturday, searching for an important result which will help their ambition.

Both sides started the game in an attacking manner as they search for goals right from the kick off, creating chances after chances. Unfortunately, none of them did enough to warrant them an opening goal, ending that first period in a goalless draw.

The two sides continue their attacking play after the break, but they can't seem to get their finishing right as chances just goes begging at times. 10 minutes from time, Mainz suffered a loss when their player Shawn Parker got his marching order after receiving a second yellow card because fouling the opponent's keeper. Fortunately for the host, Freiburg couldn't take advantage over that situation as the match ended in a disappointing 0-0 result.

Mainz vs Freiburg . Score: 0-0.

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