Livorno vs Parma highlights (0-3)

Livorno 0 vs 3 Parma highlights 12.1

Livorno's struggle in the bottom seat of Italian Serie A continue as they suffered a disappointing home defeat over Parma this past weekend. The home sided tried to put on an aggressive start since kick off as they are in need of three points to keep themselves away from that relegation zone, but their ambition looked to be in pieces when their opponent got in front after just two minutes of play through Raffaele Palladino.

The match turned into a match tighter contest from that moment as Livorno tried their best in getting back into level terms, but things suddenly turned right into Pama's favor in the last few minutes as they managed to snatch two more goals, from Carvalho Amauri on 86 and 92 minutes.

Livorno vs Parma . Score: 0-3.

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