Liverpool vs Leeds United highlights (4-3)

Liverpool 4 vs 3 Leeds United highlights 12.9

'What a game. What an opponent'
Klopp said he had to catch his breath after a stunning match which was played at a near-empty Anfield because of the coronavirus pandemic.

"What a game, what an opponent, what a performance from both teams. A proper spectacle, I loved that," beamed the German afterwards.

"It is pretty rare you see that many goals in a game,

"We will not go home and have a few beers on that result. We need to analyse it.

"Leeds are special. They performed outstandingly and it was very difficult - for 95 minutes, by the way."

Leeds' Argentine boss Marcelo Bielsa said there were pluses in defeat.

"To be able to score three goals is a positive thing," he said.

"We also cannot ignore we conceded four goals. A lot of those goals could have been avoided.

"You can't predict football but there are situations you know are going to happen - just because you know they are going to happen it doesn't give you the security you can stop them happening."

Liverpool vs Leeds United . Score: 4-3.

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