Liverpool vs Crystal Palace highlights (4-0)

Liverpool 4 vs 0 Crystal Palace highlights 24.6

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports: "Imagine how this stadium would have been full today and all the people could have experienced it live.

"I don't think the game could have been better because my boys played like everybody was in the stadium. The atmosphere on the pitch was incredible. That was the best counter-pressing game I have ever seen.

"The boys are in good shape and in a good mood and it was important we showed our supporters we are still here and we do not want to wait."

Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson told Sky Sports: "We didn't need to make any excuses really, but it's a Liverpool team in incredible form. They were so aggressive, so good in winning the ball back, we had no opportunities to put our foot on the ball and ask them some questions."

Liverpool vs Crystal Palace . Score: 4-0.

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