Liverpool vs Arsenal highlights (3-1)

Liverpool 3 vs 1 Arsenal highlights 28.9

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to BBC Sport: "I'm completely happy with our performance. We played good football, we were flexible - we mixed it up.

"We reacted quickly to their goal and scored a top goal. We dominated the second half.
"Most of their situations were offside. It feels like a few times... but nobody looks at the flag anymore.
"We did it and deserved the three points.
"I'm really pleased for Diogo Jota. Top, top guy. It's so difficult to improve a team like ours. He's been on my list for two or three years, he's here now."
On joining Leicester and Everton on nine points: "Carlo Ancelotti did super, top, top, top business. I'm not at all surprised. Leicester is Leicester. They play some good football. Who cares in this moment who is up there? It's just the start."

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live: "Arsenal had the first counter attack and we were unlucky. I don’t know how people make a defensive crisis out of that – I have no problem, do what you want. But I lose a bit of respect for this. We played outstanding football before and outstanding football after. The boys played an exceptional football game."
On Andrew Robertson's mistake for the Arsenal goal: "It’s only a mistake. That’s just a curiosity of ball, foot, grass. It’s no problem. The reaction was brilliant. I loved all three goals but full back to full back [for the goal Robertson scored] – I love it."
On three wins from three: "It’s been a very difficult start. When I saw the schedule I thought 'wow' as Leeds was the most difficult you could get, then away to Chelsea and home to Arsenal, who are flying. That was really tough but we won it and that’s good."

Last bit from Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp to Sky Sports: "We cannot build up to each game the same, a team who builds need more players in the area where you build. We try to win the first balls and be ready for the second ball. We have to be brave enough to cause them problems, I really liked the game. I was worried at half time we not keep it going but we could.

"Pre-season was difficult for everybody but it is a strange season. Teams did not do exactly what they wanted to do last year, Everton have three new players and are flying.

"We play Arsenal again on Thursday and you will see players who you did not see today. Then Aston Vila on Sunday who are flying. Leeds, Chelsea and Arsenal is a tough start but nine points.

On the new handball rule: "We all agree that Eric Dier did not do anything wrong and it as a penalty. you cannot control your body in that way have to move somehow, only thing to do is cut arms off. Even the referees are not happy with the rule and I am not happy how long we wait for the offsides. Some rules changes did not help so far but in the moment we have to accept it."

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp tells Sky Sports: "Did I hear right Mr Keane said we had a sloppy performance, did he say that? Did he say that is was sloppy? I want to hear it, that is an incredible description of this game.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing was sloppy. dominant against a team in form and be careful as hell that we did not get caught on the counter-attack. Alisson had to make one save, they had two chances in behind but apart from that the football we played was exceptional tonight. This game tonight there is nothing bad to say, it was the opposite of sloppy."
Liverpool forward Diogo Jota tells Sky Sports: "It is an amazing feeling, I just wish it could be with a full stadium but I am happy to seal the win for the team and get the result.

"In football sometimes you score, sometimes you miss and you have to believe you are going to score and fortunately I did.

"[The manager] told me to keep pressing like we were doing and be happy with the ball and do what I used to do. Play good football and press without the ball.

"I will do my job in training every day, hard work and do my best on match day.

"The first one is always the hardest one, to keep on going is the is the most important think. I have one, I want more.

"We are pretty much in the beginning, three games in and we want to keep going and get three points in the next game."

Liverpool vs Arsenal . Score: 3-1.

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