Liverpool vs Leicester City highlights (3-0)

Liverpool 3 vs 0 Leicester City highlights 22.11

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp speaking to Match of the Day: "We scored three goals and didn't concede one, we defended exceptionally well, controlled the game, there were a lot of good things, I can't pick one that pleased me most - maybe the performance of James Milner at right back. He played an exceptional game, first there and then in midfield.
"That is what we expect from ourselves, injuries were a massive shock in that moment but the boys have to offer solutions. We have centre halves, they are really young. They are not experienced, you saw the bench tonight.

"It's a tricky situation and when Naby (Keita) goes off with a muscle injury you know the problems will not get smaller. The boys know when they are allowed to train with us they have the quality to do so, we don't give tickets for training, you have to qualify with talent and aptitude. It is a tough school, there a lot of steps to go.
"We have to make sure we recover but the Naby injury didn't help at all."

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to Sky Sports: "We deserved it. The boys played an incredible game against a top, top, top opponent. I don’t take things like this for granted. The boys were on fire football-wise.
"The front line defended really well. We should have scored more goals.
"I like the overall performance - the result and clean sheet. We defended incredibly well.
"The front line didn’t play too often together but how they did today was not bad."

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers speaking to Match of the Day: "In the first half in particular, we were too passive and defending the space, but didn't have enough contact and gave away poor goals.

"We had a good opportunity on the counter with Harvey Barnes, but overall when you are passive like that, your football is not quite the same. We weren't aggressive enough.

"Second half was a little bit better; we were more aggressive in our press, and that allows us to play better football. Liverpool deserved to win. The guys coming back from the international break were not as cohesive as what we have been.

"It's mentality - you have to get up to the ball. We were happy for them to have it in their own half, but as soon as it came into our territory, we were not as aggressive as I would like.

"Unlike the game last year, when we lost at home, this is a game we can reflect on easily and analyse and move on."

Liverpool vs Leicester City . Score: 3-0.

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