Liverpool vs West Ham United highlights (2-1)

Liverpool 2 vs 1 West Ham United highlights 31.10

West Ham manager David Moyes, speaking to Match of the Day: "It’s a good sign that we’re disappointed not to take anything from Anfield. The players are disappointed not to get anything from the game.

"We had really good opportunities to maybe get a second goal. I wanted it to be more than just the odd counter-attack. We were a threat, we were well organised and disciplined in the jobs we had to do.

"The plan is to get better. We want to make sure the players play well when they get the chance. They certainly did that today."

On Liverpool’s penalty: "It’s not the sort of football I want to be involved in. I think our player stops and throws his arms up because he’s so disappointed about the dive.
"I’m just disappointed they didn’t turn the decision around. Maybe in the second half the decision [Jota’s disallowed goal] went for us, but the first-half one didn’t."

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, speaking to Sky Sports: "It’s so difficult with the number of games we have. Seeing the determination and desire of the boys, the will to play football, to deal with setbacks is really exceptional.

"Football is always about finding the right way, and tonight the boys found it. Obviously I loved the second goal. It was super play. Shaq’s in incredible form at the moment, and Diogo Jota obviously.
"All these kinds of things, that’s what we had to do over the 95 minutes. Every set-piece they had is a major threat for them, but we dealt with it really well.

"The tricky thing is that you have to be patient, but also lively to keep them moving. It’s a constant concentration level you have to keep up, which we did - except maybe for their goal."
On Nathaniel Phillips’ performance: "The counter-press of the two centre-halves was exceptional. Nat Phillips, wow. I couldn’t be more happy. I asked him before the game if he was nervous. I told him I would be. He was awake from the first second, played his stuff and had a good game."

Liverpool forward Diogo Jota, speaking to Sky Sports: "The goal means a lot. Seeing the game on the bench, I’m always thinking about what I can do to change things.

"The most important thing was the win, we just want to keep winning games. With so many games you have to keep moving. Fortunately in the end I got the space. It was a great pass from Shaq.

"I played two games in the starting 11 before this one. It’s a team. The manager chooses the 11, we need to do our job."

On his disallowed goal: "I didn’t see anything suspicious, but that’s football now. We need to wait."

Liverpool vs West Ham United . Score: 2-1.

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