Liverpool vs Aston Villa highlights (1-3)

Liverpool 1 vs 3 Aston Villa highlights 15.12

Liverpool Vs Aston Villa Highlights: Magical Benteke crushed Liverpool chances on claiming 3 points from this fixture as Aston Villa just ran past the hosts with a convincing 3-1 win. Benteke scored 2 goals for his side and provided the assist for his teammate with a superb back-heel pass.

Suarez was back from his suspension and was involved in some of the most dangerous chances that Liverpool had on scoring but ultimately Aston Villa just had the game under their control for most of the game.
The 22 years old forward kicked things off at the 29th minute when he fired a low shot that went by the side of Liverpool’s goalkeeper Pepe Reina and into his net.

With 5 minutes still remaining on the timer before the 1rst half was concluded and Aston Villa got further ahead. Weimann was reaching the box of Liverpool until releasing a short pass into an open space for Benteke to reach it and the Belgian returned it back with a back-heel that Weimann received and blasted it home.

Liverpool continued to disappoint this time when Joe Cole lost the ball in midfield with Benteke rushing and firing the 3rd goal for the visitors. Steven Gerrard pulled back 1 goal for Liverpool as the final scoreboard displayed 3-1.

Liverpool vs Aston Villa . Score: 1-3.

Liverpool v Aston Villa goals:

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