Liverpool vs Chelsea highlights (1-1)

Liverpool 1 vs 1 Chelsea highlights 28.8

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, speaking to BBC Match of the Day: "Our press in the first half was absolutely exceptional. Chelsea are dangerous in all situations and that's how they scored the goal. I think we all agree we could have defended it better.

"Everything was enjoyable apart from the result. I saw two very good football teams. It was a great first half from us and actually a good second one because it's so tricky when you play against nine defenders and have to create and create.

"Could we have done better? Yes. But it's early in the season.

"For sure we should have made more of the advantage. We have one point more than before so let's carry on.

"I think it was a clear handball. I was happy with the first half performance - even though we were 1-0 down. I would have loved us to have a bit more greed and determination. Apart from that I liked the game, I liked the atmosphere."

On 18-year-old Harvey Elliott's impact: "When you are old enough to drive a car you should be old enough to play football games. He is in the right place. He's a smart player. He didn't look tired for a second and kept going."

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel speaking to Sky Sports about his team's effort to hold on with 10 men: "Fantastic, I saw a strong first half, a strong Liverpool side. We were very, very good, scored the first goal, had a big chance for the second goal with Mason Mount.

"But the pressure was high, the quality from Liverpool, the energy was high. At some point you have to suffer, this is what we did and then in the last second we concede a penalty and a red card.

"At half-time we have to substitute [N'golo] Kante due to injury. Suddenly the world is upside down.

"I cannot praise the team enough, I do not know if there is a harder stadium than City and Anfield to go one man down.

"Because of Liverpool's quality and energy, for the first 10 minutes it felt like it was never going to end.

"Then, the next half an hour it was like maybe we will create a chance and score one and make it harder for them.

"For the last five minutes hopefully we survive and take a well-deserved point. Resilience and team-work was absolutely fantastic."

Liverpool vs Chelsea . Score: 1-1.

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