Leicester City vs Southampton highlights (4-1)

Leicester City 4 vs 1 Southampton highlights 22.5

“When you have the ball and the ref stops the game you get the ball back, today it was different. It’s hard to understand," said Hasenhuttl.

“The first goal is the decisive moment in this game. We speak about respect and fair play but it’s not acceptable. What can the referee do? The opponent has to stop pressing.

“The offer I made of ‘let us score a goal from kick-off’ they didn’t take. They pressed us immediately again. It would be a sign and a message to everybody but they didn’t do it. I said to them ‘let us run and score the goal.’

“It was very unnecessary, we saw an intense football game. I don’t want to be a bad loser, we deserved to lose because they were the better team but such a situation changes everything.”

Leicester City vs Southampton . Score: 4-1.

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