Leicester City vs Burnley highlights (2-1)

Leicester City 2 vs 1 Burnley highlights 19.10

Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers: "We were keen to make it a celebration. The supporters were incredible. We needed to tap into that emotion, we didn't in the first half but we were much more aggressive after half-time. Today they made him [Vichai] proud in fighting for the result.

"At Liverpool, VAR went against us and cost us. From Sean's [Dyche] point of view, it will be harsh. There's an angle where you can see the clips Jonny Evans - the officials have time to asses from every angle and they decided it was a goal.

"Unfortunately it's something you accept as part of the game. I'm proud of how we won the game today - a tough game, an emotional game."

Burnley manager Sean Dyche: "I'm very disappointed. I'm a big fan of VAR but it has to be used more wisely than that. Chris Wood only has eyes for the ball and the defender isn't getting it in a million years. The referee doesn't even use the screen, he has got to come and look at that and I'd be surprised if he gave it.

"There is contact but we're talking about people who have been around the game long enough to know what body language means. If you're going to trip someone there's that little look and then you clip someone. Hopefully, this is an incident that we can learn from.

"We do know there are going to be decisions that are so difficult to decide. We know that, but I don't think that was difficult today. Jonny Evans was never going to get that. The key moment has gone against us."

Leicester City vs Burnley . Score: 2-1.

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