Leicester City vs Brentford highlights (2-1)

Leicester City 2 vs 1 Brentford highlights 20.3

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers: “They were both great goals. Tim, you saw his face when he scored, it was a surprise to us all. He gets up there and has a good strike. Excellent finish. I’m delighted for him, he’s had a tough season.

“James, I near enough expect that, his quality is so high. He’s been absolutely brilliant for me, he’s scored a number of free-kicks. Two wonderful goals.

“We had some real good moments in the first half and could have scored more. In the second half we were a little careless, didn’t pass it precisely enough. They had a bit more of the ball. The guys came though a tough week of games and played a team after a fresh week. We stood up to them and were strong and aggressive. I’m very proud of them for that but we always look to improve.

“It’s very pleased to see them [returning defenders] because it’s been a tough season without them. We’ve got a good squad and can be competitive but they haven’t been available. They’ll come back hungry and fresh and that’ll give us a little boost.”

Leicester City vs Brentford . Score: 2-1.

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