Leicester City vs Everton highlights (1-2)

Leicester City 1 vs 2 Everton highlights 8.5

Everton manager Frank Lampard : "We had a plan and the players stuck to it, no matter what happens, no matter if they scored.

"It’s far from done, but they can be really happy with what they’ve done on the pitch today. We were a big threat, a huge threat on the break and I’m really pleased with the performance."

On Jordan Pickford: "He’s in great form. We need our big players at the moment. Moments like Jordan’s saves are huge for us. You need top level players to deliver and he did.

"It’s my biggest job at the moment [keeping the team level headed]. We should enjoy the result, but by the time we get home tonight we need to put our minds on football. We’re by no means safe."

Leicester City vs Everton . Score: 1-2.

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