Leicester vs Watford highlights (2-0)

Leicester 2 vs 0 Watford highlights 4.12

Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers, speaking to Match of the Day: "It was a tough game for us. Hayden Mullins had Watford very well organised. We had to be patient this evening and worked very hard for that but I thought we deserved it.

"Jamie Vardy is absolutely fantastic. I thought he should have a penalty in the first half. I don't know why that was overturned. In the current rules that is normally given but it wasn't and we gathered our composure and continued to work away to get the goal.

"It was a real team effort tonight and to get seven wins on the spin in the Premier League is a great achievement. The team is developing and are proving they have a winning mentality and mindset. We will do our best (to stay in top two), we fight and work and see where it takes us."

Watford caretaker manager Hayden Mullins: "I think up until the penalty we were in the game and even after it we were still in the game. We have come away from home to a team that has done really, really well and put a performance in.

"What I saw tonight was a side in us that came away from home and showed good levels of fitness, good intelligence on the field, put in a great performance and took it right to the wire. There were loads of positives.

"The boys have responded fantastically well. I'm so proud of what they did tonight."

Leicester vs Watford . Score: 2-0.

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