Leeds United vs Liverpool highlights (1-1)

Leeds United 1 vs 1 Liverpool highlights 19.4

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, speaking to BBC Sport: "It is disappointing of course but we cannot say it was not deserved for Leeds. We had big chances in the first half but didn't use those.

"When you concede a goal it is not nice but it was not that is was not deserved.

"We will fight for the Champions League with all we have and if we can reach it, if not if not. This a point more in the end. It is always best to win all the games but if not we have to shake a bit and go again and that is what we will do."

On the European Super League: "I said so many things now already. We were not involved in the process. We are the team, we wear the shirts with pride. Somebody has made a decision with the owners in world football that we don't know exactly why. There will be reasons, our owners, are not gamblers. We are here, we are the face of the club and arrived here and Leeds fans shouted at us as though we made the decision but we didn't.

"The club is bigger than all of us. We should not forget that. I don't forget that which is why I take criticism for everything I am responsible for but the team was not involved in this process and I was not involved. I don't feel responsible for it.

"Things will change in the future, maybe not now, maybe in a few years. Uefa made a decision about the Champions League, they showed me the whole thing and there were more games than before and I said I don't like but they still did it.
"Fifa plan a team World Cup, when do we play those games? All these things I have said often enough but did it change anything? No. That is the situation."

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp talking to Sky Sports on t-shirts against the European Super League being put in their dressing room:

"I don't think it is right. They put them in our dressing room, I don't think we deserved that. I don't like the way a lot of people are talking about Liverpool.

"This is a fantastic football club. In this specific moment we can't blame the team for that. I take the criticism for everything, but this we have nothing to do with.

"Now people write articles about what they should do with it. People are shouting at us. We have to be careful because we are people as well. We have to be careful. I understand all the talk and I don't like it as well.

"Don't forget we have nothing to do with it. We still have to play football. It is really not OK. Our owners are great people, they will try to explain the decisions. Will I understand it? I don't know, but it is still not my decision.
"I coach a football team. If people want to criticise me, completely fine. But other things, it is not OK. Everyone should not forget."
Liverpool midfielder James Milner, speaking to BBC Sport: "The first half was very good. We had a chance after that to maybe get a second and put in a bit of a cushion but you need to have two good halves against a side like Leeds.

"We have to try and win every game and we obviously need a bit of help from above. It is disappointing when you are in front and don't see out the game.

"Leeds is a big part of my life and early career so nice to come back."

On the European Super League: "I can only give my personal opinion and I don't like it one bit and hopefully it doesn't happen.

"It [the current system] has worked well for a long time, what has made it special what we have done over the last few years is we have earned the right to win the Champions League and earned the right to win the Premier League. The product we have currently is very good.

"It is difficult. Coming into the game today Leeds fans were making their feelings shown. As players we don't really have a say so it feels a bit unjust. All we can do is try and win football matches."

Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa, speaking to BBC Sport: "There were periods when the one dominated the other. Perhaps in the second half when we were losing we had more continuity when we were searching for the equaliser. In the same we had chances, they had chances also.

"The first half was more equal the second half was more leaning to us but the opponent was always dangerous.

"As the difference was only one goal we had hopes we would convert one. We kept on being dangerous even though the opponent was defending close to their goal."

On the European Super League: "It shouldn't surprise us. In all walks of life the powerful look after their own and don't worry about the rest of us.

"The big teams are also created due to the opposition of the other teams. In the search for higher economic earnings they forget about the rest. The powerful are more rich and the weak are poorer. It doesn't do good to football in general.

"There are a lot of structures that should have prevented these forces from coming. For me sincerely I am not surprised because in all walks of life same thing happens, so why wouldn't it happen in football."

Leeds striker Patrick Bamford, speaking to BBC Sport: "I am frustrated we have not won that. Second half I felt we came into the game more. We created some opportunities, a shame we didn't get more than one goal."

On the European Super League: "Before footballers we are fans. I think the proposals takes it away from that. I think it is wrong. I don't know the ins and outs but from the way it has been portrayed it doesn't seem like the right thing.

"You want to win every game but for me playing in a league you can't get relegated or promoted... it is not football. Football does have to evolve. At the minute I am not understanding how this will help the game.

"Everyone has their rivalries but when it comes to it everyone is a football fan. That is why you have seen everyone come together and just how they have come together shows how wrong it is."

Leeds striker Patrick Bamford talking to Sky Sports: "I felt we should have won. We had the chances and I am frustrated. I am annoyed with myself I haven't scored tonight.

"We are a fit team and everyone is starting to get tired. We rely on our fitness and it showed in the second half."

On the European Super League: "We have just seen what everyone has seen. It is amazing the things they are talking about. I can't comprehend. It is amazing the uproar and it is a shame it isn't like this with other things, like racism.

"We are like fans. We can't believe it (the European Super League) and don't know what is going to happen. We are in shock. From what I have seen, I haven't seen one fan who is happy, and football is ultimately about the fans. Without the fans football is nothing and it is important we stand our ground and show football is for the fans."

Leeds United vs Liverpool . Score: 1-1.

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