Leeds United vs Burnley highlights (1-0)

Leeds United 1 vs 0 Burnley highlights 27.12

Marcelo Bielsa, speaking to BBC Sport: "I clearly have to signal in the first half we could have been leading by a bigger margin. In the second, we could have received a goal that would have meant a draw.

"It surprised me. Normally when a team is dominated in the first half, there is usually a reaction in the second half. We came out with the idea of looking for the second goal. But the way they played the game, prevented us from playing how I wanted to play.

"They are a team, although they don't create many chances, when they do they are dangerous."

On the Burnley goal being ruled out: "Sincerely, I don't know whether the calls were correct or not. I just accept the decisions of the referees. As you ask the question, it seems we have benefitted from the decision."

Burnley manager Sean Dyche said the referee had a "massive impact" as his side narrowly lost to Leeds at Elland Road.
"You can't say it's decisive because there's more to the game than refereeing decisions but it's a shame I have to stand here and try and stay calm about it," Dyche told BBC Sport.

"Nick Pope got clear contact on the ball. VAR has been taking hours to make a decision but they don't give it a few seconds to even look at it."

On Burnley's disallowed goal, Dyche added: "At the other end, the keeper goes through with his knee in Ben Mee's back. Ben has got nothing other than eyes for the ball, that is all he is concentrating on.

"The ball drops and the referee doesn't even give it a chance to see what happens, because it is not a foul, it's impossible it can be a foul when he's just tried to head the ball.

"Even in my day, if you put your knee in someone's back like that when they are trying to head the ball, you're not only giving a foul away, you're going to get booked, and nowadays you're probably in trouble.

"So I have no clue where the game is at physically at the moment."

Leeds United vs Burnley . Score: 1-0.

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