Lazio vs Fenerbahce highlights (1-1)

Lazio 1 vs 1 Fenerbahce highlights 11.4

Lazio Vs Fenerbahce (Aggregate 1-3) Highlights:Fenerbahce is the only Turkish team to seal their progression into the semifinals of the Europa League following a 1-1 draw after playing in Rome against Lazio and their 1rst leg result ensured them they progressed further.

The players of the Italian team started the game playing much more comfortable than Fenerbahce as they entered the opposing side of the pitch without much difficulty. Ederson and Candreva were the 2 most active players for the home team.

In the opening minutes of the 2nd half things were taking a turn and now it was Fenerbahce the team that created more opportunities when playing inside of Lazio’s own half but lacking accuracy on their shots.

With each side pushing upfront it was only a matter of time until someone managed to find the back of the net and it finally arrived through Lulic as he connected with a pass from Candreva and headed it past Volkan Demirel.

The Turkish responded some minutes later with Erkin as he found the equalizer and turned the aggregate score into 1-3 which was more than enough for them to hold onto their lead and secure their progression into the next stages of the Europa League.

Lazio vs Fenerbahce . Score: 1-1.

Lazio v Fenerbahce goals:

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