Juventus vs Bologna 1909 highlights (2-1)

Juventus 2 vs 1 Bologna 1909 highlights 1.11

Juventus Vs Bologna Highlights:Juventus continue their unstoppable run in Serie A with yet another victory as they faced Bologna and emerged victorious with a 2-1 result which puts them at the very top of the Italian League with 28 points.

Surprisingly enough it was Bologna who almost scored first when Michele Pazienza got hold of the ball and tried his luck with a shot but could only manage to hit the post of Juventus. Minutes later and Juventus showed them how it is done by having Paul Pogba lift the ball over the defenders until it arrived into the path of Quagliarella who slammed it past the likes of Federico Agliardi.

Bologna gave Juventus a scare when Saphir Taider pulled back 1 goal for his side as he scored with an astonishing shot that Gianluigi Buffon could do nothing to deny the opposing player from scoring.

The home team did come back at the last few minutes of the match with Paul Pogba scoring the much needed winning goal which secures all the points and victory for Antonio Conte’s team.

Juventus vs Bologna 1909 . Score: 2-1.

Juventus v Bologna 1909 goals:

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