Juventus vs Celtic highlights (2-0)

Juventus 2 vs 0 Celtic highlights 6.3

Juventus Vs Celtic (Aggregate 5-0) Highlights: The Italian titans hosted Celtic in the Juventus Stadium and cruised to a 2-0 victory. The result was more than enough for the team of Antonio Conte to advance into the last 8 clubs of the Champions League.

Their 1rst leg concluded with a 3-0 advantage for Juventus and now it was the time for Celtic to make a comeback as they needed at least 3 goals to qualify any further in this tournament but unfortunately for them, they were destroyed by the home team.

Quagliarella initiated the charge for their opening goal as he blasted a shot over to Celtic’s goalkeeper Fraser Forster who managed to block the shot from the forward but failed on keeping hold of the ball as it slipped through his hands allowing Matri to finish it all off with the easiest of tap-ins.

Celtic had some shots of their own as they tried to get back into the game but all of their 1rst half efforts were denied by Gianluigi Buffon. The Italian goalkeeper was at his usual best and maintained a clean throughout the entire encounter.

Quagliarella turned the score even further beyond the reach for Celtic as he scored at the 65th minute and it was all pretty much all over for the visitors who are disqualified from the Champions League.

Juventus vs Celtic . Score: 2-0.

Juventus v Celtic goals:

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